PEP Performance Tasks

The Performance Tasks will be administered in grades 4, 5 and 6 and will require students to use a variety of skills to complete a task. It will be administered and marked at selected times during the school year by class teachers.

Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and strategies by creating a response or a product from given task.

The performance assessment requires students to perform a task or generate their own responses.

Characteristics of the Performance Tasks

The learners/students will be required to:

  • respond by applying the knowledge and skills learnt, information recall or recognition is less emphasized.
  • use open-ended and variant answers instead of yielding a single, correct answer.
  • yield expressions from their personal contexts which will be novel and authentic.
  • integrate two or more subject areas as well as 21st century skills .

The PEP Performance Task is an “on-demand” task meaning that it will be completed in a given amount of time and will be administered under the supervision of the class teacher.

PEP Performance Task Test Practice – Mathematics

PEP Performance Task Test Practice – Language Arts

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