Language Arts

The study of Language Arts opens up worlds of communication, literature and culture to students. It enables them to explore their own feelings, communicate with others and to use their imagination.

It is key to the learning of all other subjects, as well as coping effectively with life itself.

The study of Language and Literature enable students to become:

  • Successful lifelong learners
  • Confident and productive individuals
  • Proud citizens of Jamaica

The teaching of Language Arts in the National Standards Curriculum embraces the integrated learning. While learning Language skills related to the various strands and sub-strands, students will also interface with content and methodologies from a range of disciplines including Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Guidance and Counseling among others.

These disciplines, which are termed ‘cross-curricula links,’ are the avenues through which the Language content/skills are learnt and applied in authentic contexts. 

Progressive language teaching is task oriented, student-centered and provides opportunities for students to negotiate meaning and interact meaningfully with the language, rather than participating in activities that demand accurate repetition and memorization of sentences and grammatical patterns.

It is believed that with this underpinning philosophy, learners will become more rounded users of the language and will be better able to negotiate meaning, expand their language resources, analyse how language is used, and take part in meaningful social interactions. 

There are three broad Language Arts Strands that test students proficiency.

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Test Samples – Performance Task

Published by Elorine

Dedicated Early Childhood and Primary Educator, who strive to empower students to be creative self-directed learners, using education to ignite the fire within themselves and others. Experience in establishing and fostering friendly, understanding agreement between students, parents and teachers that matures into prosperous lasting relationships. Acknowledging God; as the fountain and source of all knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Language Arts

  1. The language arts practice tests, will challenge the students. They will have to open their imaginations and thinking critically, considering all possibilities. Then, decide how they would present the same information from their point of view based on their understanding.

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