Benefits of Game-Based Learning

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Game-based Learning in the classroom to develop productive struggle Using Game-Based Teaching/Learning strategies will benefit both the teacher and the learner/student. Games gives us the freedom to open up and let ourselves go, no matter how old we… Games gives our children the freedom of movement and…

Game-Based Learning Resources

There are free game-based learning resources that can help e our work as educators a little less challenging. We know our students have different learning styles and what works for one will not work for all. Here are a few resources to get you set up for game-based learning success. We found the list belowContinue reading “Game-Based Learning Resources”

Game-Based and Interactive Learning

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What is game-based teaching and learning? The concept of game-based teaching and learning is really simple and to the point: Game-based Teaching and Learning is a fun way of teaching and learning. This allows both the teacher and the students to enjoy themselves while the process of…

Assessment Method in Lesson Planning

Assessment Method The methods of assessment measure your students learning. the assessment let you know how the information shared in the lesson was received and/or if your lesson objectives were met. The method(s) listed in your lesson plan will most often be formative assessments. These assessments may/will vary from lesson to lesson. There are dozens ofContinue reading “Assessment Method in Lesson Planning”

Lesson Procedure in Lesson Planning

Lesson Procedure Your lesson procedure is an in-depth explanation of how the lesson will progress in the classroom. The lesson procedure is essentially step-by-step instructions that walk you through everything from the time students enter the classroom until the bell rings at the end of the period. It is best to be very detailed inContinue reading “Lesson Procedure in Lesson Planning”

Lesson Materials in Lesson Planning

Lesson Materials The next thing you need to think about putting in your lesson plan is the list of materials that you will need to teach the lesson and measure student outcomes. This section prepares you to deliver your lessons every day. Without this list, you may accidentally forget to print an important document orContinue reading “Lesson Materials in Lesson Planning”