PEP Curriculum Based Test (CBT)

The Curriculum Based Test (CBT) will  assess grade 6 content only. This test will consist of a variety of question types and will be administered in April of each year. Students will be assessed in the following 4 subject areas: Mathematics Science Social Studies Language Arts Here are some Mathematics Curriculum Based Test (CBT) sampleContinue reading “PEP Curriculum Based Test (CBT)”

Social Studies PEP Practice

Social Studies fires students’ curiosity and imagination about who we are, where we come from, where we live and where we might be going next. It connects our present to our past, and helps students make sense of their place in the world. It enables them to value and take pride in their culture andContinue reading “Social Studies PEP Practice”

Science PEP Practice

Science is a way of knowing about the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and investigation. Through the use of the National Standards Curriculum (NSC), the study of Science should enable students at the primary level to:  develop crucial skills and knowledge that equip them to understand the world aroundContinue reading “Science PEP Practice”

Language Arts

The study of Language Arts opens up worlds of communication, literature and culture to students. It enables them to explore their own feelings, communicate with others and to use their imagination. It is key to the learning of all other subjects, as well as coping effectively with life itself. The study of Language and LiteratureContinue reading “Language Arts”

PEP Performance Tasks

The Performance Tasks will be administered in grades 4, 5 and 6 and will require students to use a variety of skills to complete a task. It will be administered and marked at selected times during the school year by class teachers. Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and strategies by creatingContinue reading “PEP Performance Tasks”