My Background & Experience

Welcome to PEP Game-Based Learning! We are going to have a wonderful time teaching and learning.

PEP Game-Based Learning is a guide for parents and early childhood Educators (principal, administrator, teachers, care givers) in the use of games in the teaching and learning process. The ideas given are meant to complement activities identified in respective curriculum across the board. All activities can be tweeted or tailored to suit individual needs.

Objectives of Game-Based Learning:

  • To give an outline of games as teaching and learning tools.
  • To provide a guide of how to use games as a part of lesson delivery.
  • To provide teachers, parents and caregivers with a variety of games and interactive activities to support learning through different subject areas.

I have been in education for the past 15 years. I have worked in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education with children from 6 weeks through 12 years old. Besides my time in the classroom, I have owned and operated my own Early Childhood Institution. I have a diploma in Primary Education, a degree in Early Childhood Education and Levels 1 & 2 certification in Early Childhood Education Care and Development (NCTVET). I am married with four children, two of which are adults, two small boys 9 and 7 years respectively and my grand baby girl, who will be three months in a few days.

My true passion is working with children birth to 8 years old. I am promoter of self-help skills that empower our children to believe in themselves. I love working with children in various situations including large and/or small groups, and individually. I strongly believe that providing the right learning environment is essential for the early years because it fosters independence and creativity, as well as provides the necessary foundation a child needs to build continuously on.

Early Childhood Learning centers should allow students the freedom to choose where they “play” and to freely explore the learning activities provided for them at their developmental level. I assess the students quarterly on basic required skills but continue to push the students, teaching and assessing beyond the basic curriculum.

My motto isNo child should leave the way they came but at least a level of two above.

Optimizing learning through team and group teaching (especially with older students) using pairs, groups and individual activities as well as collaborating with other educators, is very much important in the growth and development of every child. It gives me great pleasure to create the best learning environment possible for every child, one that fosters creative thinking, problem solving, and use of the imagination.

Thus, providing them with the tools they need to tap into their POWER not just to dream but to DREAM BIG.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child/children.

Published by Elorine

Dedicated Early Childhood and Primary Educator, who strive to empower students to be creative self-directed learners, using education to ignite the fire within themselves and others. Experience in establishing and fostering friendly, understanding agreement between students, parents and teachers that matures into prosperous lasting relationships. Acknowledging God; as the fountain and source of all knowledge.

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