Game-Based and Interactive Learning

What is game-based teaching and learning?

The concept of game-based teaching and learning is really simple and to the point: Game-based Teaching and Learning is a fun way of teaching and learning. This allows both the teacher and the students to enjoy themselves while the process of learning takes place.

Interactive Teaching and Learning taking place.

There are many features of Game-based Teaching and Learning (GBL), these include:

  • The uses of competitive exercises which challenge students to be better learners as well as to compete with each other. Games often times engage players in learning activities through a story line using one or more fantasy elements..
  • It provides the motivation students need to learn more effectively by means of lesson engagement. Game-based learning encourages students to to learn from their mistakes. Giving them unlimited do overs, not stopping until the game is over or they have mastered the level. This is intrinsic motivation brought on by challenges, curiosity,control and fantasy, as stated by, Lepper & Corodova (1992).

I can still remember the many different games I played with siblings and neighbours children.

We played doctor, teacher, police (no one wanted to be the patient, student or thief), shop and my old favourite, fashion designer; only then we had no idea what we were doing.

We were just having fun and interacting with each other. Nothing else mattered then. We had ideas and we made them real using our imaginations.

We just drew the imagine of a man and a woman on a piece of cardboard, cut them out, used the little white bag cords to make their hair, some long, some short.

Then we would get the packs that the chicken noodles came in, clean it out, and use it to make clothes for our cardboard men and women(our models). Holding them by their heads, hands or feet, we would take turns helping them to show off the different pieces of clothing. for shoes and jewellery, we used foil paper. Oh, what fun we had!.

We had fashion shows after fashion show without even knowing it.

Values and principles, respect for rules can be taught and learnt through games.

Collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking

Game-based learning is a method of using games while teaching a concept, value, principle or subject. Games used for the purpose of teaching a subject have been designed with the idea of achieving learning outcomes.

For centuries children have been learning through games. However, the value of Game-based learning will be lost, without the support of debriefing and reflection for the learner’s understanding of the process, context and the transfer-ability of learning.

Published by Elorine

Dedicated Early Childhood and Primary Educator, who strive to empower students to be creative self-directed learners, using education to ignite the fire within themselves and others. Experience in establishing and fostering friendly, understanding agreement between students, parents and teachers that matures into prosperous lasting relationships. Acknowledging God; as the fountain and source of all knowledge.

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