Curriculum Games-Based Activities

Here are some points to note when using games suggested The games on the website can be adapted to suit the needs of all learners as well as their environment. Outdoor games are very essential in the lives of children as they contribute to the development of their fine and motor skills. They also provideContinue reading “Curriculum Games-Based Activities”

Classroom Interactive Learning Strategies

Simulation games are unique instructional tools as they simultaneously engage the learner’s effective and cognitive processes – interactive cognitive theory. Some evidence from research, has shown that video games have impacted language learning, history and physical education. There are generally a number of important facts to consider if Game-Based learning is to be effective. TheContinue reading “Classroom Interactive Learning Strategies”

Game-Based and Interactive Learning

What is game-based teaching and learning? The concept of game-based teaching and learning is really simple and to the point: Game-based Teaching and Learning is a fun way of teaching and learning. This allows both the teacher and the students to enjoy themselves while the process of learning takes place. There are many features ofContinue reading “Game-Based and Interactive Learning”

Game-Based Learning

It is indeed a proven fact that children learn best through play, especially those at the Early childhood and Primary/Elementary levels. The aim of every parent and educator should be to capitalize on this valuable medium of learning in ensuring that our children realize their true potential. We should do all we can, to provideContinue reading “Game-Based Learning”

My Educational Philosophy

All learners/children are endowed with the capabilities, gifts, and talents to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically to fulfill their divinely determined purpose in life. • I BELIEVE that all children are unique and have the God given right to develop their full potential academically, emotionally and spiritually; and seek furnish my students with theContinue reading “My Educational Philosophy”

My Background & Experience

Welcome to PEP Game-Based Learning! We are going to have a wonderful time teaching and learning. PEP Game-Based Learning is a guide for parents and early childhood Educators (principal, administrator, teachers, care givers) in the use of games in the teaching and learning process. The ideas given are meant to complement activities identified in respectiveContinue reading “My Background & Experience”