Game-Based Learning Resources

There are free game-based learning resources that can help e our work as educators a little less challenging. We know our students have different learning styles and what works for one will not work for all. Here are a few resources to get you set up for game-based learning success. We found the list belowContinue reading “Game-Based Learning Resources”

Literature Review For Game-Based Learning

According to The New Media Institute in a 2008 report on the use of games in education, that year nearly 170 million people played computer and video games. This number can only increase yearly with the steady increases in technology and accessibility to technology, making the implication of games in education more significant than everContinue reading “Literature Review For Game-Based Learning”

Curriculum Games-Based Activities

Here are some points to note when using games suggested The games on the website can be adapted to suit the needs of all learners as well as their environment. Outdoor games are very essential in the lives of children as they contribute to the development of their fine and motor skills. They also provideContinue reading “Curriculum Games-Based Activities”

Classroom Interactive Learning Strategies

Simulation games are unique instructional tools as they simultaneously engage the learner’s effective and cognitive processes – interactive cognitive theory. Some evidence from research, has shown that video games have impacted language learning, history and physical education. There are generally a number of important facts to consider if Game-Based learning is to be effective. TheContinue reading “Classroom Interactive Learning Strategies”

Categories of Games

Game-Based Learning is a method of using games while teaching a subject. Games used for this purpose have been designed with the the idea of achieving learning outcomes. Here are a list of game categories: Ball Games – Baseball, basketball, cricket, toss the ball, dodge ball… Card & Board – Problem-solving elements, interaction, moves, example;Continue reading “Categories of Games”

Characteristics of Games

Games usually have fixed rules. Games are competitive and are played either between players or against the game system itself. Games are activities or sports involving skills, knowledge and chance. Games are simulations that work wholly or partly on the basis of players’ decisions. Games have roles, goals, activities, constraints and consequences. Games involve socialContinue reading “Characteristics of Games”

Benefits of Game-Based Learning

Game-based Learning in the classroom to develop productive struggle Using Game-Based Teaching/Learning strategies will benefit both the teacher and the learner/student. Games gives us the freedom to open up and let ourselves go, no matter how old we… Games gives our children the freedom of movement and the room/space we need open their minds toContinue reading “Benefits of Game-Based Learning”