PEP Test Items

Structure of the Performance Task

Each Grade 6 Performance Task consists of the following:

  • General Instructions
  • Introduction to the Task (Scenario or Sources given)
  • Four (4) to Six (6) open-ended questions based on the scenario/sources given

Space is provided for students to write their responses to each question on the test paper. No separate answer sheet will be given.

Type of Items(questions)

Each task will include a variety of question types. These question types can be categorized as follows:

Selected-response items require students to select one or more responses from a set of options. The assessment will use the following selected response question types:

  • Single selected response
  • Multiple selected response
  • Table Grid
  • Order Match

Constructed – response questions require students to produce a text or numerical response in order to collect evidence about their knowledge or understanding of a given assessment target. The assessment will use the following constructed-response question types:

  • Short constructed response
  • Extended constructed response (Essay/ Story/ Report)

Students in Grade 6 will sit a Performance Task in Mathematics and a Performance Task in Language Arts. The content used to develop the real-world scenarios used in each Performance Task is taken from the Grade 6 NSC in Mathematics and Language Arts

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