Your Online Partner Plan

Contribute, Share, Invite and Earn!

Earn $200 or more monthly!

Just by sharing your Bold move with others.

Ordisha, your road to financial freedom.

Raise your Helping hand! Your journey starts here.

Ordisha is a non-profit partnership that allows partners from all walks of life, the opportunity to become a unit that functions as a community by Contributing and sharing with each other.

Becoming a partner is easy: register, contribute and share what you did with others. You must invite at least six people before you are able to receive your first partner draw.

Our Beliefs

We believe that we all can make a difference by extending a helping hand to others. If we make it an habit to take one step at a time to share with one person, one day at time. The numbers will added up and the difference we made, will be evident and become permanent.

Our Concept

Our ingenious concept is pretty simple and straight forward: make a small contribution, share our idea and invite others to do the same.

It is as simple as that! you invite six people, your six partners, invite six partners of their own and their six invite six more.

As your partnership grows so does your earnings.

How Ordisha Works

Become a registered Ordisha partner, then complete 3 simple steps: contribute and invite six people to do the same.

IT is very IMPORTANT that you choose a USERNAME that is easy to remember when completing your registration. You will need to give your username to your invites (people who you share Ordisha with), for them to fill out the INVITED BY section of the Contribution Form.

Three Simple Steps to Your Success!

Register and contribute.


Take a Bold move and make a small contribution of $20.

Invite other people to do same thing


Share your Bold move with other people and invite them to do the same thing. Be sure to provide them with your username (they will need it for the INVITED BY section of their contribution form).

Receive Payment


Invite at least 6 people and receive your first partner draw.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community of people who seek to be financially independent and free.

A partnership built on the foundation of the willingness and Bold of every partner to contribute to and share with others.

Let’s Build something beautiful together.

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