Assessment Method in Lesson Planning

Assessment Method

Understanding the PEP scoring system, Education Ministry breaks it ...

The methods of assessment measure your students learning. the assessment let you know how the information shared in the lesson was received and/or if your lesson objectives were met.

The method(s) listed in your lesson plan will most often be formative assessments. These assessments may/will vary from lesson to lesson.

There are dozens of ways to measure student learning through formative assessments. Some of the most common assessment options include:

  • Quizzes
  • Hands-on activities
  • Writing assignments
  • Group presentations
  • Exit slips
  • Class journal entries

Assessments are not limited to the the ones listed above. You are a TEACHER; you wear many hats. It is best to be creativity in your assessments, keeping in mind that your students are diverse (coming to you from different homes and backgrounds).

Rubrics and Assessment Methods - KNILT

Additionally, your assessment method may be an in-class assignment or a take home assessment for students to complete prior to the next class.

When choosing your assessment method, it’s important to incorporate your lesson objectives.

If an objective was related to understanding a concept, consider an assessment that requires students to explain that concept.

Like wise, if an objective was for students to demonstrate a skill, design an assessment to confirm their competency as it relates to that skill.

It is very important that you keep in mind that, while many assessments receive grades in a class, formative assessments don’t always need to be graded!

Remember, the ultimately purpose of the assessment is to measure how well your students learned/received a lesson’s material based on the way you presented information.

This measurement will help you wrap up each lesson plan with the lesson reflection.

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