Lesson Materials in Lesson Planning

Lesson Materials

Geometry: Shapes, Solids, and Fractions - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits
Materials for a geometry lesson

The next thing you need to think about putting in your lesson plan is the list of materials that you will need to teach the lesson and measure student outcomes.

This section prepares you to deliver your lessons every day.

Without this list, you may accidentally forget to print an important document or sign out the shared laptop cart!

Common types of lesson materials include:

  • Student handouts
  • Textbooks: work sheets
  • Visual aids: Charts, sentence strips, videos
  • Grading rubrics
  • Activity packets: picture/word cards, counting/shape blocks, etc.
  • Computers / Tablets: smart phones/projects/laptops

The list of materials will vary; materials for each lesson will depend on what you plan to teach, how you’ll teach it, and how you’ll measure lesson objectives.

Because of this, many teachers compile their list of lesson materials in tandem with their lesson procedure!

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