Lesson Objectives

Lesson objectives list what students will be able to do after completing the lesson.

These objectives let you easily tell if your lesson has effectively taught your students new concepts and skills.

It can feel overwhelming to pin down specific takeaways for a lesson, but you can break the process into steps to do it in a breeze!

First, it’s best to view your lesson objectives as goals for your class and students.

One of the most popular goal-setting strategies is the “SMART” criteria, which ensures goals are focused.

In the context of lesson planning, you can use the SMART criteria to determine your lesson objectives:

  • Is the objective specific?
  • Is the objective measurable?
  • Is the objective attainable by all students?
  • Is the objective relevant to your class and students?
  • Is the objective time-based to align with your syllabus?

For each objective, it’s important to start with an action that relates to what students should be able to do after the lesson.

Depending on what topic you’re teaching and the level of knowledge your students have, these actions will vary.

For example, when teaching brand new concepts, you may define actions like define, identify, explain, and determine.

However, if your lesson involves more advanced tasks, the objectives may include actions like create, use, perform, or measure.

To see these phrases in context, let’s look at examples that a computer teacher might choose when teaching Microsoft Word.

For an introductory lesson about Microsoft Word, objectives could be:

  • Identify parts of the ribbon menu
  • Determine methods of selecting text in a document
  • Define fonts and font styles

In a more advanced class, objectives might include:

  • Insert a document header
  • Use document themes
  • Add a page border

When creating your lesson objectives, keep in mind that it’s easier to measure student success when you have specific goals.

Once you’ve put your lesson objectives together, it’s time to tie them in with the next part of your lesson plan — the related requirements!

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Dedicated Early Childhood and Primary Educator, who strive to empower students to be creative self-directed learners, using education to ignite the fire within themselves and others. Experience in establishing and fostering friendly, understanding agreement between students, parents and teachers that matures into prosperous lasting relationships. Acknowledging God; as the fountain and source of all knowledge.

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