Connected Integration

The connected model is view of the curriculum through an opera glass. This model of the curriculum focuses on the details, subtleties, and interconnections within an individual discipline; providing a close-up, so to speak within one discipline.

This model a simple form of integration, it is focuses on making connections within each subject area (i.e., one topic to another, one skill to another, or one concept to another) which may also connects one day’s work to another, or even one semester’s work/ideas to the next while remaining separate.

For the effective integration of this model, it is recommended that the teachers assist students with connecting one day’s work, or a semester’s work and ideas, to the next. This model requires deliberate efforts when relating ideas within an individual discipline. Teachers/educators should not assume that students will be able to understand the connections automatically.

Connected Integration in Language Arts

The concept of integration is very important to this model as it directly relates ideas within a discipline (subject area). Teachers help students make connections by explicitly making linkages between subject topics, skills, and concepts.

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