Integrating the Curriculum

Integration within single disciplines

The Fragmented Model

The fragmented model is a traditional design of curriculum. This Model organize the curriculum in such a way that dictates and separate topics and courses into distinct disciplines. In this model, the curriculum is viewed through a periscope, offering one sighting at a time: one directed focus on a single discipline (subject area).

Typically, courses are separated into the major academic (traditional areas of study: mathematics, science, Language Arts, social studies, as well as humanities, art, technical arts, etc.

Each area/discipline is seen as an independent course of study, defined as a pure entity and of itself.  At the Primary (middle), secondary and post-secondary levels these disciplines are generally taught by different teachers, in different locations or rooms, with students moving from classroom to classroom.

Students are felt with a fragmented view of the curriculum as each separate encounter has a distinct cellular organization.

Offering one sighting at a time, one directed focus on a single discipline.

Despite the downside of this traditional model, integration can begin. The model can be used, individually by teachers/educators, or in collaboration with colleagues, by listing and ranking themes, strands, topics, concepts, and skills to systematically organize curricular priorities within each subject.

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