Characteristics of Games

  • Games usually have fixed rules.
  • Games are competitive and are played either between players or against the game system itself.
  • Games are activities or sports involving skills, knowledge and chance.
  • Games are simulations that work wholly or partly on the basis of players’ decisions.
  • Games have roles, goals, activities, constraints and consequences.
  • Games involve social and or personal interaction.
  • Games set boundaries and give feedback.
  • Games can be played alone or with others.

The various structural elements of games are describe by Prensky (20001)as:

  1. games have rules; these rules are usually fixed.
  2. goals
  3. outcomes and feedback
  4. competition or challenge
  5. interaction
  6. representation

Some game features and definitions.

  • Competitive – Goal to achieve better than other persons.
  • Difficulty – Presentations of task that requires effort.
  • Exploration – A context-sensitive virtual environment.
  • Fantasy – A make believe story or environment.
  • Goals – Explicit aims and objectives, with a clear purpose.
  • Interaction – Feedback from actions and changing state of game.
  • Outcomes – Measured results from game play, i.e. scoring.
  • People – Other individuals playing the game at the same time.
  • Rules – Boundaries of play, limitations or constraints.
  • Safety -Lacks consequences of the game in the real world.

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